Never Enough

Never enough, never enough!  It seems like we live in a world of “never enough’s”.  Performance and the need to have that perfect world, perfect family, perfect body, and perfect job can make us run on a short fuse.  The truth is, however, that perfection is an impossible goal, and perfection needs a permanent “time out”.  Easier said than done, right?


Let’s think about it this way.  If you have symptoms in your body, such as excessive pain, perhaps bleeding, or excessive fatigue and you go to a doctor, he or she will often suggest running tests to find the source of the ailment.  After all, if we just treat the symptoms, we never get to the source of the problem.  When this scenario exists, we tend to just numb the pain instead of fixing the cause of our problem.


So, why do we think it’s any different with our emotional, mental, and spiritual well-being? Sometimes we need to dig deep to get to the source of the problem – the need to be perfect for example.  We can deny or even medicate the stress and anxiety that comes with perfection, but that never really solves our problem.  Why do we have such a need to be perfect?


Deep down inside, we all know that we’re missing something, and we constantly seek to fill that empty place, but ultimately to no avail.  The actual solution to this dilemma is quite simple, and that is why it is often overlooked or not accepted.  We were meant to be connected with God, and we’re all born disconnected.  We have no idea of the love that God has for each and every one of us, and that He wants to be our friend.  It is when we begin to own these truths that our life changes, and we realize that we are “more than enough”.


He wants to be my friend–that very fact was a life-changer for me.  God is my best friend.  No, I can’t see Him, but He talks with me and I know how much He loves me and approves of me.  That’s what makes the difference.  In my blogs, I hope to share words of encouragement, laughter, and truth that   will help you live your life in the confidence of being a friend of God.

Patricia “Patsy” Mathieu-Moore | All Rights Reserved 2016

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