So, here’s a thought.  Jesus said that He calls us His friend, but the question remains—is this relationship a one-way street?  Do we call God our friend, or do we just sit back knowing (or sometimes not even knowing) that we are His friend, but He couldn’t possibly be ours? It’s easy to leave it at that.

Friendships are not always simple to cultivate.  They can take time and work, and oftentimes it takes much less effort to sit on the sidelines than to actively live life with others.  Some of us may be scared to take a step toward getting to know someone, and if our concept of God is one of the “punisher” or the “lightning bolt thrower” then we’ll probably tend to have little or nothing to do with Him.  More likely than not, we will never let Him be our friend.  The concept of friendship with a “mean” person is ludicrous to us. So, may I make a few suggestions that I found really helped me?

#1 Venture out and take that first step towards God.  Yes, do the “Indiana Jones thing” from the Last Crusade and put that foot out!  You may find that the bridge to being God’s friend has always been there, but you never saw it.  Life will be amazingly different.   God so wants s us to open up to His love and His concern.  Open your heart and see how He’s got your back.  You’ll be surprised

#2 Be genuine.  After all, can we really pull one over on God?  Yet we oftentimes subconsciously think that way.

#3 Just be yourself.  After all, He made you like yourself, and obviously He thought that “yourself” must have been just perfect or He would have made some adjustments and changed who you are.




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