What’s a Friend?


We’ve been talking about the fact that God calls us his friends, but the question remains, do we let Him be ours?  So, just what is a friend?  Some of us have no problem beginning to describe what a friend is to us, and others might not know where to start.  I came across this definition from the Urban Dictionary, and I was quite impressed with it, so I’ll share it with you. 

“A friend is someone you love and who loves you, someone you respect and who respects you, someone whom you trust and who trusts you. A friend is honest and makes you want to be honest, too. A friend is loyal.

A friend is someone who would sacrifice their life and happiness for you.

A friend is someone for whom you’re willing to change your opinions. A friend is someone you look forward to seeing and who looks forward to seeing you: someone you like so much, it doesn’t matter if you share interests or traits. A friend is someone you like so much, you start to like the things they like.

A friend is a partner, not a leader or a follower.”

by tangles10 April 28, 2010 Urban Dictionary

So, picture this – life without a friend.  Can you imagine how lonely, boring, and perhaps even frightening that would be?  As I was thinking about that, this image came to my mind—the volleyball.  I pictured Tom Hanks with “Wilson”, the volleyball, that he finds while on the island in the movie, Castaway. All alone on this deserted island after his plane went down, Hanks comes across a Wilson volleyball that soon becomes his friend that he “creatively” calls Wilson.  Hanks’ character, Chuck, is so desperate for someone to commune with and share life with, that this volleyball takes on the role of his BFF.  Whether you’re a guy or a girl, if you’ve seen the movie, then you probably had a “moment” when Hanks loses Wilson out in the ocean (www.youtube.com/watch?v=z7Rv_7kWfBc). His character, Chuck, risks losing his life and his raft (his only means of survival) in an effort to save and connect with his “friend”.

He was ready to give up everything that he had to get to Wilson.  That’s kind of what it’s like to make God your friend. Do we have that determination?



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