So here’s a thought…When you blog, you’re able to see how many people your blog reached, and I have to tell you that when I wrote about Max, my following really spiked. So that made me think, “Really? Do I need to write about Max every week to reach people?”
You have to admit that the whole story of Max and his recovery is miraculous and spectacular, but do we miss the real spectacular things because we have this pea-brain concept of “SPECTACULAR”? So here’s an addendum to the Max story.
After the EMT’s swooped up Max and took him to the hospital, I had his sister, Ella, in my lap and I told her, “Ella, we have to trust God like never before.” She looked at me with understanding eyes, way beyond her 6 years of age. Soon, she left, and I had no idea where she went.
About ten minutes later, she comes back to me and says, “Meme (that’s pronounced may-may with the accent on the second ‘may’), I just went down to the basement and asked God to forgive me for all the mean things I’d ever done to Max, and to please heal my brother.”
Needless to say, I was floored! Here was a six-year-old child with more intelligence and savvy than most adults that I know! And the result? Ella was never afraid during Max’s recovery, she understood that her parents had to spend their time with Max and not so much with her at that time, and she never doubted God’s ability or willingness to answer her prayers.
Now—that’s what I call SPECTACULAR!!!!



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