It’s spring.  It’s such a wonderful time of the year, and yet, the very sound of the word sometimes evokes a feeling of guilt because you’re not “spring cleaning”.  My husband came from a family where they did “spring cleaning”.  In my family we not only never did it, we never even heard about it!  I guess that’s the difference between the Brit heritage and the Mediterranean heritage.  Anyway, this spring I gave in and started cleaning out closets and drawers and I came across a small slip of paper that brought a wave of memories back to me.

About two years ago I was out and about, running errands.  Of course, my mind was full of “the next thing” that I need to accomplish.  This practice can be very fruitful because it keeps me moving, and at the same time, it can be deadly, causing me not to pay attention to things.  This time it was deadly.

When I returned to my truck in the parking lot, I realized  I didn’t have my keys.  I searched through my purse and my pockets.  I prayed and asked God where they were, and I asked the angels to put them in a place where I could find them.  Nothing, absolutely nothing!  Finally, exasperated, I called my husband, and he came to bring me another key.  I just knew that I must have locked my keys inside my truck.  However, after practically tearing the truck apart, I still couldn’t find them.  I went back to the store, thinking that perhaps they had been turned in, but no luck.  I was so disappointed.  Where was God?  I told Him I was sorry for not paying attention, but still nothing!  So, I finally reconciled this  to be “one of those things”, vowing to never do it again!

About two weeks later, I was out shopping again, and when I returned to my truck, I saw this small piece of paper the size of the old assignment pads that we used to have when we were in school.  The paper was next to the window on the driver’s side and tucked down  where the window goes into the door.

“Strange,” I thought.  I pulled the paper out and this is what I saw:


Sure enough, when I looked under my wipers, there were my keys!  Now you tell me how they got there!  So, here are my “Columbo” conclusions:

#1        I dropped my keys two weeks ago, someone (or an angel) saw them in the parking lot and put them under my wipers and didn’t leave a note.

#2        I had been driving for 2 weeks with the keys under the wipers, and someone (or an angel) just happened to walk (fly, or whatever they do) by, see the keys, and left a note.

#3        Those angels finally got cracking two weeks later and put them under my wipers!

I’ll let you decide, but anyway you see it, it sure is nice to have God for a best friend!  He always has your back!


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