The Great Divide



So many thoughts fill our minds.  Our lives are full, we are bombarded with “TMI”  and sometimes the overriding information that we fill our minds with is erroneous.  Oh, it “makes sense” to a great majority of people, and it is “logical”, but is it truly “scripturally logical”?  We tend to divide life’s experiences into two camps – the Spiritual, and the Secular.  The Spiritual is fine in its place – Sunday worship, prayer meetings, Bible studies, etc., but the Spiritual rarely crosses into that other world that we call the Secular.  In this world, we live and move, and exist on a day-to-day basis, but doesn’t it say somewhere that “In Him we live, and move and have our being” (Acts 17:28)?  If we believe that the Word of God is inspired and true, then how can we, according to scripture, logically deduce that there are two camps?


Wow!  What a dilemma we find ourselves in!  We seek God about the “big things”, but we don’t want to “bother” Him with things like cooking a meal, or doing homework, or, God forbid, day-to-day work on the job or decisions we need to make.  With this mindset, we miss His desire to be involved in our whole being and in our whole life.  Jesus came that we might have life and have it more abundantly.  Is this what you experience?  Is this what you want?  Then we must truly give everything to Him – both the big things and the small things, and in the journey, in the good times and bad, we will see Him and ultimately experience His incredible love for us.



  1. That part about having him in involved in cooking a meal, I was reminded that the other day I had to cook a meal for a couple. The brother had lost two toes and I remember asking the Lord, can you please bless the works of my hand so that he can enjoy this meal. Just make everything taste good Jesus. Later that day I got a text and his wife said, sister Paz all he did was smile and kept saying, It felt like my mom cooked for me ( who died last year). Yes I’m glad I got Him involved, even in my cooking.


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