Every day we seem to be inundated with problems, woes, anger, bitterness, and strife.  Reading the news is enough to cause you to buy stock in some kind of antacid or anti-depressant drugs in order to improve your portfolio. The news media is rife with videos of people shouting at each other, fighting each other, and yes, sometimes even killing each other.  We tear down monuments, put up other monuments, write laws, enact laws, and sue almost everything that breathes.  And where has this gotten us?  Has there been an increase in understanding, kindness, or should we dare say, love?

But then the next question arises.  Is the media hype a true picture of everyday America?  Do we need to learn karate just to be able to go to the grocery store or hardware store?  Frankly, the media portrayal of people is not the world that I see.  Every time that I go into a store or get into my truck, I have the opportunity to meet or see people with real character.  There’s the black man who opens the door for me and smiles as he does it, never thinking of a black-white thing, just a people-thing.   He has a kind heart.  It’s just that simple.  I see Hispanics, whites, Asians,  and blacks talking to each other, letting you ahead of them in line because you only have 3 items as opposed to their twenty-five. People will even give you a break in traffic.

Just this past week, I was out of town in another state, shopping for groceries.  A lady with a cane who was pushing her cart couldn’t find something.  Then it happened.  Another lady offered to get the item which was a couple of aisles away to “save her some steps”.  Everywhere I looked people were helping others, greeting others, and God forbid, even smiling at each other.  This phenomenon really doesn’t have much to do with the socio-economic level or political correctness.  I see people from all “levels” of society being kind and thoughtful.

Where is this in the news?  Maybe if the media would be more responsible and portray a more balanced America, some of this brouhaha would cease, and bridges between people, regardless of race or culture, could be built.  Maybe you could be a bridge builder!


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