Kim Jong-un


All of us are familiar with this picture.  Kim Jong-un is in the news every day.  Threats, barbs, name calling and other exacerbating blurbs are constantly being recorded and posted.  So, as concerned citizens, what are we to do?  We could let our minds race with the potential outcome of his threats, we could live in fear of the future, we could hide our heads in the sand.

But let’s give a second to think offensively.  What would really change the gravity of the situation that our country faces with North Korea?  As I was mulling over this, my mind wandered to the thought that even though Mr. Kim may not appear to be lovable, God loves him.  God loves him so much that He sent His son, Jesus, to die for him.

It may be hard to come to grips with that fact, but it is the simple and unequivocal truth.  God’s love is infinite and unconditional.  He loves me, regardless of my mess-ups or successes.  So, here’s the deduction. If God so loves Kim Jong-un, why do we have the audacity to despise him?  After all, we’re not God, and if God wants Kim Jong-un to receive a new life through Christ, then why shouldn’t we pray for this?

Now, I know I’ve already lost a lot of you, so let’s just cite some examples of answered prayer in the Bible—Elijah praying for the dead boy and his miraculous recovery, Paul and Silas praying while in prison and their chains come loose because of an earthquake, and Peter being let out of prison by an angel because his friends were praying for him.  So,  you don’t believe the Bible?  Then in a few short words, I’ll relate that when my grandson was two, he was hit by a car and was dead in the street.  Now he is a living, spunky, perfectly healthy four-year-old because of God’s answering our prayers!

So, I’d like to challenge you to pray for Kim Jong-un.  Pray that he would know how much God loves him, because that’s his basic problem when you boil it all down.   If he knew that, he would be different and act differently.  Who knows?  With a bunch of us praying for him, we could change the course of his life as well as the course of the world!


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